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Al-Mawj Group is offering integrated solutions in various fields as medical commercial, Training & educational. Internationally supported and cooperated with international regulations to provide unique centers in Saudi Arabia

Medical Solutions

Providing integrated medical solutions in various medical fields, cosmetic, laser and weight loosing (slimming).

Almawj Pharmacies

Providing equipment and medical pharmaceuticals beside cosmetic care products and prescriptions that do not need a physician in a planned organized easily way.

Almawj Institutes

Providing Accredited Diplomas, Programs & Training courses that service both public and private sector to meet the market needs and aspirations.

Medical Device Distributor

Retail and Wholesale in medical tools & equipment's, Cosmetics, Dental instruments and medical prosthetic devices as representative for many International prestigious Brands.

Maintenance & operation

Achieve customer needs by provide different services in the operation, maintenance, and cleanliness for different entities, medical Utilities and other according to their requirements.

New Almawj Clinic

AlMawj Group is witnessing now inauguration of a new branch in (Al Safaa District) to join the range of our clinics in medical fields, Cosmetic, Laser, skin and body care.

About us

Al-Mawj Group is a leading company specialized in variety of fields that established in 2007, based in Jeddah, K.S.A. Seeking to develop and expand its work in diverse Domains to achieve the satisfaction of our clients by special services, which reflect our policy to Providing the highest level of integrated services medically, educationally and commercially with highly recognized standards.

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